Sutherland Website Design

Project Overview

The team at Sutherland Global was working on a few digital projects simultaneously. The primary focus of this project, however, was to take another look at their website, and provide a homepage refresh.

Tools used
  • InVision
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Axure
  • 2018
  • @R2i
homepage mockup of sutherland on laptop

Defining A Path Forward

Using their existing components and already established brand standards, Sutherland was looking for a new homepage experience that would pave the way for interior template designs.

The content was already established, and an existing design in place. We were tasked with providing a better user experience and a clearer structure of content with meaningful design to eliminate bounce-rates on the homepage.

person holding phone of sutherland homepag on mobile

Beyond the homepage

Once the design was established and the homepage was finalized, a set of templates was created to shape the remaining interior pages. Using the component library built in Axure,  the remaining interior templates began to take shape with the new styles and structure built out in the homepage.

person holding phone of sutherland homepag on mobile


The new updates drove a deeper look into the website structure and functionality of specific components. This led to a better first impression, driving users to interact further with the website, and not getting lost in the process. The content was more structured and laid out in an easy-to-follow format that ultimately gave Sutherland a more trustworthy and inviting digital presence.

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