Ocean Ready Brand & Website Design

Project Overview

Ocean Ready came to HWL Creative looking to put an image to their brand. With nothing more than a name and a concept, our team got to work building a system of logos, a full brand manual, social media marks, area signage, marketing materials, print advertisements, business cards, letter head, email signature and an entire new website.

Tools used
  • Webflow
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 2020
  • @HWL Creative

It Started With A Logo

With nothing but a few inspiration sessions, we built the Ocean Ready logo to be adaptable, as their family of brands continues to grow. With an extensive selection of service offerings, simplicity ended up playing a major role in creating a look that would translate well across very different platforms.

ocean ready logo mocked up on cardstock paper the words ocean and ready are in a rectangular box separated by a back slash

Defining the Family of brands

After the original mark was created, and the final sleek color palette of greys was decided upon, the remaining brands that are being launched in 2020 were created. In total, there are approximately 13 brands to date that follow this same logo structure, below you'll see two additional designs.

ocean ready logo mocked up on cardstock paper the words ocean and ready are in a rectangular box separated by a back slash

Beyond the Logo

Once the logo was defined, we then expanded the brand by defining the mission, vision and values, taglines, and putting it all together in a brand standards manual. The manual also included templated designs for social media profiles, letterhead design, and the final business card design.

mockup of ocean ready brand standards manual created by hwl creative teammockup of front and back design of ocean ready business card with solid grey backgroundstacked view of letterhead design with ocean ready logo top right and address and page count on bottom

Print Marketing

We also developed teaser marketing for the brand to entice the target audience. The HWL Creative team created advertisements that would be found in local-specific magazines and catalogs that would leave people excited to learn more about the new brand in town.

ocean ready magazine advertisment in full color mocked up next to black and white page content

Responsive Website Design

The last goal of phase one for the Ocean Ready team was to launch a website that stood out in a marketplace full of digital chatter. We analyzed the current market, amplified the mission, vision, and values of the brand as a whole, and combined that to create a website design unlike any other in the Ocean City Maryland market. And the best part of all, is that it's easily accessible on every device.

ocean ready homepage design made in webflow by HWL Creative team mocked up on an open laptop






HWL Creative did extensive research by meeting with key stakeholders of the Ocean Ready team, creating a competitive analysis, and creating audience brand persona profiles to ensure we were engaging with appropriate target markets.




We created a compilation of competitive research, whether that be local, costal, or similar market, and found the ocean ready niche. We created multiple iterations on the logo design before landing on the final concept that was a collaborative team effort between HWL Creative and Ocean Ready.



Responsive Website Design

Designing a digital experience that was accessible on all devices, from phones to desktop computers was how we brought together the full brand experience. With the creation of the social media assets, full brand standards, and fresh website design, Ocean Ready now has the foundation for success.



Marketing Collateral

Beyond marketing collateral, we also built area signage and mocked up office signage and apparel to begin exploring the expansion of the full family of brands. There is so much more work to come for Ocean Ready!

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