Johns Hopkins Medicine


Project Overview

The newsroom at Johns Hopkins Medicine was established as a resource to provide science and health reporters with access to information found in articles and other media authorized by JHM experts. The goal of the project was to deliver a more organized display of information to reporters searching worldwide.

Tools used
  • Axure
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 2017
  • @SAI
responsive mokup of jhm newsroom homepage

Project Goals

To not only provide an optimized experience for the end-user, but to make the experience for those updating the content much more manageable. Previous to the new website, the content was updated on a daily basis, often multiple times a day, by the Newsroom team. In order to make this experience less of a hassle, we provided them with templates to streamline the process.

Outlining Components

Before design could begin, Axure was used to establish a list of components, along with a template structure for a few of the pages within the platform.

mobile wireframe of jhm press release landing page and detail page

Responsive Designs

Responsive designs play a key part in the final design of the Newsroom website. Being able to have immediate access to articles and video libraries was essential to the end-user, who is often times looking for information at unusual times. We made sure to provide an experience that was consistent across all devices, and was flexible to be able to recognize each device and show content accordingly without overwhelming the user.

tablet and mobile view of jhm newsroom digital library

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