Fenwick Ice Co Branding & Website Design

Project Overview

A new tasty treat for Ocean City Maryland and Fenwick Delaware visitors? Say less! Our team was excited when Fenwick Ice Co. came to us looking to fulfill their visual branding needs. Fenwick Ice had initial logo concepts when they reached out to the HWL Creative team and we collaborated with them to tweak it and create a brand standard guideline to accompany it. As a new business, we were challenged to create a digital experience when the product hadn't completely come to fruition yet. Keep your eyes peeled as the digital experience continues to evolve over the coming months as Fenwick Ice hits the ground running serving up a taste of the Pacific right here on the East Coast.

Tools used
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • 2020
  • @HWL Creative
responsive view of fenwick ice homepage pieces on laptop ipad and iphone

Getting the logo just right

With a logo concept that was 99% there, Fenwick Ice Co turned to HWL Creative to put the finishing touches on the design, and create a set of standards to abide by when using the logo on any merchandise moving forward. Our team created a final color palette, and expanded the brand to work in a variety of different logo formats suitable for use on the web and in printed products.

fenwick ice logo shown in full color and one color and white options in a brand book held open by a woman

A line of clothing to match

The importance of having something to take away beyond a tasty treat was essential to getting Fenwick Ice Co. up and running. Not only will staff members wear the gear, it will be available to purchase for customers, and even translated into some dog-friendly essentials! 

tshirt design by HWL Creative for fenwick ice mocked up as a front and back designtshirt design by HWL Creative for fenwick ice mocked up as a front and back design

Launch Campaign

Launching a business in 2020 with COVID-19 seems like a hard battle, but the team at Fenwick Ice is taking the challenge head-on, and HWL Creative helped them come up with a marketing campaign to entice customers to make the most of a unique situation. Thats where "Ice-O-Late This Summer" comes into play. A witty spin off of shave ice and quarantining, Fenwick Ice Co. can still be on your to-do list this summer.

ice-o-late this summer mocked up on the front of a tshirtice-o-late this summer homepage herosummer ice-o-lation mocked up on the front of a tshirt with the tagline "fenwick shave ice, fenwick,de" displayed underneath

Website Design

Once we were able to create a consistent look and feel across the brand standards and apparel, we then translated those concepts into a fully responsive website design. The greatest part of all, is we were able to put this all together and launch it in one week!

ocean ready magazine advertisment in full color mocked up next to black and white page content

Creative Design




Modernized Design

We took a brand that had the initial research and concepting work finished, and created a fine-tuned system that could be implemented in both print and digital marketing for Fenwick Ice.



Apparel & Merch

With a visual design for the brand nailed down, HWL Creative took that design and expanded that into a series of "classic" and "campaign-driven" shirts.



Responsive Website Design

Fenwick Ice Co. needed a way to share high-level information even without product photography or a fully operational ice stand. Progressive enhancements will be made, but the foundation of the website was created to create hype and provide insights into what is to come. We can't wait!

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