CPC Rebrand & Website Design

Project Overview

CPC was looking to update their brand persona, style, and messaging to eliminate the stale presence that was holding back their evolution. Approaching their 50th anniversary, the team at CPC made a goal to update their materials, brand, and website to be able to reach a larger audience.

Tools used
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • MailChimp
  • 2015
  • @GAVIN

It Started With A Logo

CPC was analyzing their existing brand, and while they found value in the color recognition portion of their brand, they felt that their iconography and overall logo diversity/scalability was lacking. The approach was to provide  a logo in several color variations that would work on small printed pieces, social media profile icons, business cards and on their website.

preview of old logo transitioning to new logo

Defining the brand

Once the mark was established, a set of brand standards was designed which included an overview of brand messaging and visual aesthetics. Explanations defining the overall meanings and foundations of the company were also included. These consisted of mission, vision and value propositions as well as important examples of to convey a consistent brand message.

Responsive Website

The existing CPC website was not able to be viewed easily on a phone. The desktop experience was still being served to those looking from from a tablet or phone. This caused problems for their team as their primary audience was accessing their website on-the-go in some fashion. The primary focus was to make sure the website was usable on a phone and the secondary focus was to provide an alternative to the English website, by having a translated experience as well.

responsive mockup of cpc homepagemulti page view of cpc homepage sections

Print Marketing

As the website was being developed and content was being input into the website, additional collateral was also being generated to update their existing material to fit the new brand. Things like brochures, e-mail templates, business cards, letter heads and posters were designed to sell the brand and make a cohesive identity for the CPC team.

english and spanish cpc brochure






Meeting with the team to discuss the needs and wants of the project as well as determine what the end goals are. Finding out what the competition is doing, but also what the team likes and doesn’t like will help provide an experience that resonates with their team as much as their audience.



Brand Standards

Creating a guide to explain the proper implementation of the new logo. Within this guide, an explanation of how the new logo applies in a variety of mediums as well as tips for utilizing fonts, colors and visual styles.



Responsive Design

Designing a digital experience that was accessible on all devices, from phones to desktop computers.



Marketing Collateral

Building brand assets that match the new identity, and providing material that was for internal and external communications.

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