Andover House


This was a unique listing, in that the seller had the home on the market for over a year before transitioning to a new agent. Luckily for them, the new agent knew exactly what to do, and contacted HWL to provide images that would highlight the many great benefits about this property. Since it was in a difficult environment, the agent knew that the better quality the imagery, the more likely people were to give it a chance and come take a look. The best part is, it paid off!

If you're into gear, here's what we use:
  • DJI Mavic
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sony A7rii
exterior drone photograph of front of andover house

Engaging Visuals

Images that do all the talking are one of the most important things a real estate agent can have to increase traffic to their listing. Not only does it make the property look inviting without anyone having to see it, but it also shows the seller you're personally invested in making sure they get the best possible buyers, and in a timely manner.

exteriror drone photograph of left side of home
exterior drone photograph of right side of home
exterior drone photograph straight above home

Interior Shots

It wasn't just exterior visuals for this property either. There was an extensive interior that needed to be documented. Beautiful open spaces, an entire extra living area in the basement, countless bedrooms, a garage ... the list goes on and on. Our team took hundreds of images inside Andover House, and we narrowed it down to about 25 photographs. Remember, less is more! We selected a few of our favorites to show you.

interior photograph of bright entry way
interior photograph of two car garage
interior photograph of living and kitchen space

Real Estate Photography




Let's Talk

Before anything else can begin, we need to talk to you to gain a better understanding of what exactly it is you need for your listing.



Schedule it

After we've determined what your needs are, we then schedule a time for the photoshoot. Remember to keep in mind your timeline, and that editing photos and especially videos can vary in time depending on your needs.



Schedule a rain date

If you are in need of any exterior shots, especially drone photographs, you'll want to make sure you schedule a rain date. Not only does a rainy day affect the ability to take pictures, but wind, and sometimes even a dreary day, can make it impossible to get a good shot.



Click & Edit

After the planning is done, we dive into the good stuff. We go to the home and make sure we're checking off all the items on your must-have list, and usually throwing in some goodies as extra assets. After that it is all about editing! We take what we've got to put together visuals and videos that jive together smoothly.

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