With Website Accessibility Training

Digital accessibility training Helps prevent breaking your website's accessibility

Many people don't think about the fact that accessibility is an ongoing effort for their website. There is only so much an external resource can do for you. From there, you need to be in a good position to keep the accessibility of your website in good standings, thats why at HWL Creative our certified web accessibility experts can train you on what that means and show you how to continue to be accessible when you're adding to and changing your website.

Accessibility Training at HWL Creative

There are a number of things to go over when it comes to maintaining an accessible website. From content authors to web developers, and everyone in between, everyone plays a role in keeping a website accessible. We offer training in packages, or by subject matter.

  • Accessibility Best Practices
  • Accessible Content Entry
  • Accessible Website Design
  • Accessible Media
  • Accessible Site-Building
  • Accessible Website Development

Who can benefit from this training?

You can come in with zero understanding of accessibility and come out an a11y cat! Accessibility training is great for freelancers who wear many hats, corporations who have an internal staff that manages their own website, agencies that perform website work for clients, and individuals looking to leverage accessibility in their every-day job.

  • Website Project Managers
  • Website Content Editors
  • Website Developers
  • Website Content Authors
  • Website Designers
  • Website Stakeholders

Accessibility Training


Each area of website accessibility has it's own unique set of requirements. Maintaining your websites accessibility means that everyone involved in the upkeep of the website needs to understand what website accessibility is and what it means to continue to practice web accessibility standards. Here is how we break it down.



Best Practices

At a minimum, everyone needs to understand the core principals of accessibility, where it stems from, and how to work with this knowledge as an asset for your business.



Accessible Content Entry

Did you know that content authors, like those who enter blogs or edit page content, need to understand what website accessibility is? We'll go over what that means and teach your team how to avoid breaking your website when adding new content.



Accessible Digital Media

If you're wondering what we mean when we say media, we're talking things like video, audio files, infographics, and linked documents, such as PDFs, on your website. Every piece of content requires its own technique to make it accessible, and it's one of the most common things that will break your website's accessibility compliance.



Accessible Website Design

Just as much as content authors affect a website's accessibility, designers also play a big role in presenting your content in a manner that is inclusive to everyone. From colors to fonts and sizes, to designing for desktop and mobile, a website's design highly impacts it's accessibility.



Accessible Website Development

Last, but certainly not least, is the very foundation of your it's built. The complexities of website development make it's accessibility even more complex. Thinking about the different technologies that need to interact with your website, and how features are built can break those functionalities, is a quick track to breaking accessibility. We can help you find clarity in what that means so you can maintain a website that is functionally accessible.

AN IAAP Certified Website Accessibility Trainer Can Keep Your Team On Track

We have a certified website accessibility specialist on staff to help you achieve your accessibility goals. After a successful remediation of your website to make it compliant, your team will be able to utilize HWL Creative accessibility training to continue the successful transition.