You Did it! You got a new Website...Now What?

Lindsey Gemmill
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At last, all the stars have aligned, all the hard work behind the scenes has finally paid off, and you’ve got yourself a brand new website! As you bask in the glory of all its greatness, and how wonderful it makes you feel, you being to wonder - what are the next steps from here?

A website by itself doesn’t necessarily make your business grow. The wow factor of a new shiny website is starting to wear off...the the anxiety starts to creep in, and you think to yourself, man I wish there was something more I could do!

Fret not, because there is!

While a website a great tool for first impressions you need to think about what happens after that honeymoon phase when you’ve gotten all eyes on your prize...but how do you get them to come back? The nurturing of your website, ability to provide fresh content on a frequent basis, encourages visitors to keep coming back for more.

The beauty of fresh content

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Not only does it help your SEO to continuously provide new content, but it also provides an invitation for your users without you having to say a word. The more unique your content, and the more organized the content changes are, the better your chances are of keeping engagement up and getting your users to interact with your business more frequently.

What If I don't Have Any New Content?

Trust me, you can and you will! This can happen in a number of ways, maybe you want to run promotions if you’re selling goods and services, or maybe you’re an industry expert with tips and tricks to share, or you’re a creative sharing sources inspiration, no matter the reason, it’s very clear that the more you have to offer, the more you’ll get in return.

Did you ever wonder why so many people have a blog? More importantly, did you ever wonder how they ever have the time to keep up with it? I'll tell you why, because its an integral piece of the business that showcases your knowledge and expertise. Having a blog, or a place where you write online, will also show your users that you care. You place enough importance on reaching out to them indirectly that it makes the business seem more reliable.

It doesn't just have to be a blog though, you can also continuously to update content in other ways. Maybe you're an interior designer, who can update images in a gallery to show the new work you're doing, or maybe you're a real estate agent that has new listings that you can showcase the success of on your website. You could even update your website by adding new pages, like a service offering, or a marketing campaign.

Don't fear content updates


There's one thing thats for sure, the staler and staler your content gets, the stinkier your first impression becomes. You can do a couple of things to make sure you are updating your content frequently enough.

If the thought of organizing these content updates is overwhelming, or simply not manageable for your schedule, our team has experts to helping you figure it out. At HWL Creative, we see the value in making sure you continue to give your best version of yourself online. That’s why we offer maintenance packages after your website goes live that allows you the freedom of knowing your website will be putting out new content on a frequent basis. Even if you didn't build your website with us, we can still help you maintain your website.

Ready to add HWL Creative to your team and elevate your first impression? Get in touch today!


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