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 The New Standard for Real Estate Photography

Drone photography and videography are quickly becoming a staple in real estate marketing. Perfect for creating indoor and outdoor HD video tours of properties accompanied by high-quality photography for a breathtaking perspective on homes that is too hard to pass up.

Video tours created with drones not only give you a unique perspective on the property that can’t be accomplished with standard videography, it also brings the ability to bring realistic 360 tours into your online presence. The experience is more like a walk through than a slideshow, creating the ultimate in-the-moment experience that brings the property to life. The tour becomes more interactive and can be more humanistic than a standard video tour which brings that extra personal touch to your listing.

Since Drone photography is really starting to take flight in the real estate market, it’s smart to plan for the use of drones in upcoming listings, and get a jump on the competition to stand out from the other properties. Embrace new technology and let it amplify your listings to create more interest in properties faster than ever.

Drone footage in real estate doesn’t just have to focus on the physical building either. Drones can be used to highlight what the neighborhood is like or even showcase plots of land for sale that have yet to be constructed. Whatever your listing includes, an aerial perspective can provide a broader overview of what it’s like to be on the property.

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Drones & Real Estate, The Perfect Combination

Whether you’re looking for photographs, video or a combination of both – adding high quality drone footage to your arsenal of tools for selling homes is the next big thing, so get ahead of the curve with HWL Creative.

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