A little bit of crazy & A Whole lot of fun

The creatives you didn't know you needed...until now.

A small, tight-knit team, HWL Creative designs customized solutions for businesses large and small. Need help with your website? We’ve got your back. A logo? No problem. Social Media integration? You betcha. Drone photography and videography? We thought you’d never ask!

While you’re off doing what you do best, our team focuses on providing marketing solutions tailored to your business model. Your goals become our goals, and we work closely with you to ensure your vision is executed efficiently and is something you’re proud to show off.

Delivering a quality product is the basis of who we are and as an extension of your team, we take your success to heart.

We might be a little bit crazy; but that’s what family is all about.

More About

Our Team

lindsey gemmill's headshot

Lindsey Gemmill

Co-Founder, Creative Director

With 10 years of agency experience, Lindsey brings more to the table than just an eye for design. She's a client facing wizard and a behind the scenes know-it-all. Her expertise spans more than just design, and she applies her knowledge of agency operations and marketing to the HWL Creative team in a way that allows us to run smoothly, create seamless processes and provide quality solutions to our clients. Her understanding of process and research department-wide contribute to the continuous success of our clients and their happiness.

andrew pearson's headshot

Andrew Pearson

Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Photography

Andrew brings a knowledge of the photography landscape like no other. His experience with marketing and social media allows the HWL Creative team to accelerate our clients digital presence, making them stand out in a crowded market. His savvy behind the scenes is really what makes our clients shine.

Our Mission

At HWL Creative, our mission is to provide a personalized and inclusive experience across print and digital platforms for businesses in Ocean City, Ocean Pines and Berlin Maryland.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish valuable connections founded on the success of our clients. HWL Creative is the partner you turn to for your marketing needs, no matter what challenge you’re faced with.

THE HWL Creaive





Something we pride ourselves on and take very seriously is being someone you can count on time in and time out. We assure you that our services and projects will be done in a timely manner. At HWL, our word is our bond and we will do anything to maintain that.




A key part of HWL is to not only understand your needs, but to work around your schedules to provide a stress free experience.  Running a business is something that is not always black and white, and we understand that schedules can get messy.  We strive to minimize the chaos by working with you, rather than for you.




By including different perspectives and utilizing collective thinking, we are able to blend each team member’s unique strengths to provide you with a superior service and experience.  An open and collaborative workspace is necessary to allow ideas to flow freely back and forth between the members of our crew.  As a result, you get a finished product that is a combination of the best of each of us.




Here at HWL, we want to provide something that is more than a service or a tangible good. We are a close-knit group with a diverse background in corporate and agency lifestyles, giving us a well-rounded understanding of client relationships. Our goal is to use our platform to make connections with people that stretch far beyond the borders of a standard buyer/seller relationship. We aim to make you part of the HWL family.




As the wants and needs of the customers grow and transform, so will we. The word content isn't even in our dictionary. Our never-ending pursuit of improvement and innovation is hardwired into the DNA of HWL. Not only will we grow with the demand of the market, we plan to be the catalyst of change.




At the center of it all, we are explorers.  HWL Creative was built on the endless search of something more.  HWL is not just a business, it is an extension of who we are, a lifestyle if you will.  Starting with our love of nature and discovering places unknown, we found ourselves at the reigns of what has now grown to be HWL Creative.  We pledge to bring this elementary sense of imagination and wonder directly to the doorstep of your business.

And thats a wrap!

We hold ourselves to these standards on a daily basis, it's what makes our business run smooth and our relationships long-lasting. Come work with us!